WATCH: Luke Davis in a MUST SEE Music Video cameo.

There are simply no words… other than these. Luke Davis, who you may know as the guy with hair colour that alternates between vodka cruiser flavours that is banging Cailin Russo, I think he surfs too?… I digress, possible surfer Luke Davis has made a cameo in Los Angeles based songstress Lena Fayre’s new video for her single ‘I am not a man’ which unfortunately for the gyrating, mesh tee donning Davis has sent comment boards on surf media sites into a frantic stream of sweet sweet low brow commentary. In saying this, there is something undeniably admirable about Davis’ form. Dude obviously does what he wants. I dig it. Watch clip and prepare opinion.

P.s. Does anybody find it difficult to watch/ listen to this now that they’ve seen her boobs?

Luke Davis

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