WATCH: What a 45 second hold down looks like

More footage of this crazy experiment by Stab and RedBull to reinvent the perfect surf photograph has emerged, this time courtesy of the camera held by professional psycho Mark Matthews. As a bit of a background, Matthews and Taj Burrow were sent into a monster swell at The Right where the two were to surf the same wave, one of them with a camera in hand, with the aim of capturing multiple angles and re-defining the lengths that photographers go to in order to get the perfect shot.

It’s safe to say that there would be many a surf photographer absolutely packing it while waiting for the results of this experiment. In the meantime, here is the go-pro footage from one of the heavier waves of the session which saw both surfers gulped up by a liquid mutant, resulting in a 45 second hold down, a ruptured eardrum and a healthy reef induced face gash for Matthews who was obviously the deeper of the pair. He can be heard at the end of the clip claiming that it was possibly the worst he has experienced.

This guy.

Photo: Russ Ord

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