The Top 5 talents of Kelly Slater

When fish grew legs and first walked out of the water a couple of years back, they went on to achieve great things. Applying the evolution theory (no matter how half assed my reading of it is) to a surfer is a bit much, but it is worth mentioning when talking about arguably the pinnacle of mans evolution in the form of a 42 year old enigma of science. You see, when Kelly Slater walks out of the water he does some pretty rad stuff too.¬†On top of being one of the greatest athletes on the planet, Kelly Slater is possibly the most interesting athlete on the planet and his versatility and longevity are second to none across a plethora of life’s arenas. In his 42 years he has lived many lives (some of them twice/ three times over), so after hearing of his new music release we did a bit of research and whipped up a snapshot into the many talents of Mr Slater.

1. The Musician
It is no secret that Slater is a talented guitarist, singer and songwriter. In fact, in his time he has written and performed a number of tunes with the likes of Jack Johnson , Pearl Jam, Angus Stone, and Ben Harper, sometimes making guest appearances at their shows. In the 90’s he formed a band with Rob Machado and Peter King called ‘The Surfers’, and as mentioned, he recently recorded a solo jam between competition titled ‘Feelin’ the feelings’, because why not.

2. The Actor
Don’t be fooled by yet another excuse for us to post the clip of Slater donning a slow-mo life-pondering montage as LA’s own Summer lovin’ surf bro Jimmy Slade, as his acting career didn’t totally begin and end on Baywatch. Since then he’s appeared in over 30 films and a handful of TV shows.

3. The Martial Artist
SL8R has been into martial arts from a young age. He did Karate as a young lad before being introduced to Jiu Jitsu on his first trip to Brazil in the early 80’s. In fact, he became close with the Gracie family who are considered the pioneers of the sport, regularly training with them. Kelly has also become close with, and frequently trains with a range of the sports leading figures from UFC light heavyweight champion Vitor Belfort to world jiu-jitsu champion BJ Penn.

4. The Golfer
Kelly started teeing off in his early 20’s and befriended a number of pro’s in his early years. Having played some of the worlds finest courses alongside some of the sports best competitors, he now plays roughly 150 rounds a year off a handicap of 2.

5. The Rest
He’s a proud father, has completed a Masters Degree in Criminal Law at Sydney University, written two respected books, modelled underwear for Versace, has been honoured by the United States House of representatives for his achievements and role model status, is on the Sea Shepherd Board of Advisors, and does countless amounts of charity and fundraising work for a number of organisations. What did you do today?

BONUS. The Stud
Hair or not, he also nails it in the gal department having romanced the likes of Pam Anderson, Cameron Diaz and Gisele Bundchen to name a small few.


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