Parko’s tips for surviving Teahupo’o

With the Billabong Pro Tahiti mere sleeps away, Parko has released a handy little vid through his ‘Pro Surf training’ phone app dealio where he touches on the requirements for surviving Teahupo’o and maybe even taking out the trophy. From what we can gather, the main tips are as follows:

– Take band aids.
– Hope for the best, but expect the worst, because it is more than likely gonna drop the bomb.
– Paddle hard and knife the shit out of the rail.
– Get an intense warm-up under the belt beforehand. #cardio
– Work the shoulders, chin ups, chin ups, and more chin ups, and really nail that low centre of gravity stance.
– Also, if you can, try to channel Andy Irons. No biggie if you can’t, but treat the reef like a weird stalker that wants to wear your skin. Because chances are that it totally will if you fail to assert A.I like confidence.

You’re probably better off just watching the clip to be honest…


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