Baliwaves Tees by Matt Allen

We love tracking down unique artists inspired by the ocean and surfing. We have been following Matt Allen’s work and he has done nothing but knocking our socks off! Hands down to a truly talented dude!

He delivers raw and passionate art in all the grounds you can possibly imagine: photography, illustration, graphic design, music and, of course, surf. He has collaborated with big brands like Lightning Bolt Japan and produced some awesome shirts and also has some out of this world festival posters.

His latest job is a fresh batch of tees for Baliwaves, inspired in the style and flow of Bali. A piece of art that combines movement and stillness.


To us, it perfectly represents he madness of the motorbikes flying through the streets of Bali and the calmness of the ocean after sunset. The contrast between the movement of the ocean, and the surfers dancing across the waves and the chilling and sipping a beer…


The tees are a limited edition and are available online until the 31st of May. You can get one (or five!!) here:

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