Mark Matthews and Brad Domke. Together at last.

=Matthews Domke

The two titans of your 2014 Youtube search history have come together at last in a situation that only those packing the largest of panache should attempt. In a sequence that seems eerily familiar, the story goes… Mark Matthews got his hands on a camera that can be used to create virtual reality footage, so of course, trying to one -up himself he thought he’d give it a try in 15 foot, late afternoon slabs at WA’s fave death machine The Right. It just so happens that the king of skim Brad Domke also happened to be in town being all anti-establishment/ physics.. Domke took a wave, Matthews, still obviously not thinking correctly after his run in with the reef during his date with Taj at the same exact spot a couple of months back, took off behind him as the self-assigned camera dude once again… Domke struggled, lost it, Matthews nearly copped a face full of balsa wood, Domke nailed a mid air running man and slotted in a solid middle finger salute to his crouching counterpart before entering the Outerknown (c). While we wait for Mark’s footage, luckily someone shot the whole thing from a normal filming position. Check the full sequence out at Stab


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