Laurie Towner Hospitalised after Chopes Wipeout

Full time charger, part time Johnny Utah stunt double Laurie Towner was hospitalised over the weekend after copping the full force of a west bomb at Teahupoo during the filming of scenes for the Point break remake. He posted the following image on Instagram with this caption:

Teahupoo gave me a good old fashion flogging yesterday on my 3rd wave. I let go of the rope on an a evil little west one. It was a pretty slow swell an although I should of kicked out I decided to go anyway. I could tell the lump of swell was going into the channel which generally means it’s a close out or a really fast west one. I hit my head on the bottom an must have blacked out because the next thing I can remember is being in the lagoon gasping for air in calm water. Apparently there was a bigger wave behind an no one saw me surface so I’m not sure if I had a 2 wave hold down or the wave I was on sent me straight to the lagoon. Either way I’m really Lucky an grateful I’m still here. I got myself a broken jaw some stitches in my lip an eye lid whip lash to my neck an back and a couple small puncher wounds that went through my neck an into the back of my mouth that apparently just missed an artery. Just want to thank every one who helped me though out yesterday really appreciate it! I’m all good an as positive as ever! I’ll be back when my jaw is good. In the mean time¬†@bronandloz is coming to hang by my side because I can’t fly for a while see ya soon!”¬†

The offending wave as shot by Domenic Mosqueira


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