Kelly Slater surfed 5 x 9 point rides in his round 3 heat. What did you do today?

What started as a much anticipated 3rd round match up between Kelly Slater and Brazilian Jadson Andre soon turned into a live broadcast of a romantic encounter between a bald man and a Tahitian reef break as Slater went on to collect a 9.00, 9.33, 9.57, 9.20 and a 9.87 for his incomprehensible taming of both physics and some of the biggest waves we’ve seen so far in the competition (see above). In between this array of near-perfect rides he also found the time to put a Go-pro in his mouth and assumably take out the Go-pro challenge, joke with the camera crew in the channel, and write a screenplay for a biopic about Pablo Escobar.


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