How (not) to: Get attacked by a shark

How not to get attacked by a shark

The guys over at Surf Europe Mag offer seven logical tips for ensuring you don’t end up in the belly of one of mother natures most frightening/ misunderstood creatures. Check them out below:

 Don’t surf at feeding time when the sun is low. 

2. Avoid surfing river mouths especially after heavy rain when the river mouth has opened the lagoon up. 

3. Be aware of and steer clear of certain marine life events e.g. when there are large schools of bait fish.

4. Don’t surf alone.

5. Try not to urinate or bleed in the water. 

6. Avoid wearing shiny stuff, like jewellery, which sharks are known to mistake for fish. 

7. Read the vibe. If it ‘feels’ sharky out in the lineup, it probably is.


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